About the project

    What are you consulting on?

    Mid-Sussex District Council are consulting on the future of the Clair Hall site in Haywards Heath. That includes both the existing building (including the Redwood Centre) and car park on the site. 

    We want here your thoughts on the issues including the following: 

    • The future of the building, including whether it should be replaced or refurbished 
    • Uses and activities you would like to see on the Clair Hall site.   
    • Services that you think are currently missing in Haywards Heath that could be provided at Clair Hall. 

    All the feedback that is given will be documented as part of a consultation report that will help to shape a decision on the future of the site, that will be made by the Mid-Sussex District Council Cabinet.

    Why are you doing this consultation?

    In January 2021, Mid Sussex District Council committed to undertaking a 12 week public engagement and consultation on the future of the Clair Hall site. This included a commitment to hear from a wide range of voices within the local community. 

    Have you already made up your mind about Clair Hall?

    No. We are open to ideas and suggestions for the future of the Clair Hall site, and we have not ruled out any options at this stage. 

    How will you be using resident feedback to determine the future of Clair Hall?

    All resident feedback from the first stage of engagement and consultation, including the workshops, phone calls, emails, and feedback on the Engagement HQ, will be collected at the end of the consultation period. We will then conduct an in-depth analysis of the responses, and this will be documented as part of an engagement and consultation report. The findings of this report will help shape any decisions regarding the future of the site as a whole, including Clair Hall, the Redwood Centre and the Car Park, that will be made by the Mid-Sussex District Council Cabinet.

    When will the consultation finish?

    The first stage of the engagement and consultation is scheduled to finish in September, after 12 weeks. Following that a further consultation, based on the outcomes of the initial engagement, will take place in the Autumn. 

The Clair Hall Site

    What is the Clair Hall site currently used for?

    The site is currently being used as a COVID-19 vaccination centre by the NHS.

    Why was Clair Hall closed previously?

    The Clair Hall building closed in Spring 2020 as a result of the impacts of the Covid19 Pandemic. 

    Is Clair Hall going to be demolished?

    There have been no decisions made over the Clair Hall building – or the site more generally. This consultation is an opportunity for the community to have its say on what could happen with the site.

    Are the Redwood Centre and the car park included as part of the ‘Clair Hall site’?

    The ‘Future of Clair Hall Site’ consultation and engagement programme includes all elements within the site boundary. For absolute clarity, this includes the Clair Hall building, the Redwood Centre building, and the car park.

    The consultation and engagement programme is not about making specific decisions – the function is to be able to provide a guide as to the community’s perspectives on the future of the site and all its composite elements. 

    Is Clair Hall closed?

    No, the Clair Hall site is open. Clair Hall is currently licensed to the Alliance for Better Care as a Covid-19 vaccination centre. The connected Redwood Centre is also open and is currently principally being used by Norto5 KIDZ nursery and the Mid Sussex District Scouts.

Engagement Process

    What activities will you be doing as part of the engagement process?

    The engagement process will include: 

    • This engagement hub which will continue to evolve over time.
    • The establishment of a Clair Hall Community Engagement Group (CHCEG)
    • Community workshops 
    • Drop-in sessions  
    • Social media activity

    A published email address and a telephone line have also been established to make sure people can request written materials if needed.  

    Who is managing the engagement process?

    Specialist engagement consultants, ECF, have been appointed to run the process and ensure the widest possible range of voices are heard throughout. 

    Will there be an in-person aspect to the consultation?

    Yes. The consultation programme has been designed to incorporate both digital and physical elements to ensure the widest possible range of people can take part and have their say. We aim to hold multiple in person ‘drop-in’ sessions during the second phase of consultation in September, but this will, of course, be dependent on any relevant Covid-19 restrictions.

    The engagement process has been designed to include both digital and physical aspects to ensure we are able to hear from all members of the community and improve access. 

    I have heard about another consultation happening that is being run by Haywards Heath Town Councillors – is that you same as yours?

    No. Any feedback that you would like included in the consultation report, that will be submitted to the District Council, needs to be given to our programme. This can be done either through the email, telephone number, Engagement HQ page or at one of our events.

    Why have you run the consultation during the summer school holidays?

    The consultation and engagement programme takes place over three months. The programme started before the school summer holidays and will end after the summer holidays.

    Can we involve local schools in the consultation?

    Engaging with local schools has already been built into the engagement programme. In short, yes, we will be engaging with local schools in the area and the College on the future of the Clair Hall site. We believe this is a fantastic way to hear the voice of young people and families and is essential to the engagement process.

    Will we receive a summary of the Community Workshop meetings and discussions?

    Yes, we will be publishing all Google Jamboards from the Workshops summarising all the ideas presented. We will also be publishing an updated  FAQ, responding to the frequent questions that have arisen throughout the process so far.